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Women in War Network

Here is the list of our representatives  of Women in War worldwide, we are looking for new members to join us.
Our members are willing to discuss with you joint seminars, publications, even Skype seminars and talks. Mail us at infoATwomeninwar.org for their individual details.

President: Dr. Carol Mann  (Institut des Sciences Po, Paris)
Sarajevo Representative and General Secretary: Nermina Trbonja

Representative in Afghanistan: Samina Kabir, SOAS (London)/Kabul

Representative for Sri Lanka: Salma Yusuf, University of Colombo , Mohammad Fawas (University of Oslo)

Representative ifor the Great Lakes Region Shamsi Kazimbaya (Kigali Institute of Education, Rwanda)

Representative for Democratic Republic of Congo:  Liliane Salumu (University of Kisangani), Guilain Mathé, Univeristy of Lausanne, Director, Great Lakes Peace Initiative Center (GLPIC)

Representative in Lebanon: Dr. Evelyne Accad  , University of Illinois  and Lebanese American University)

Representative in Pakistan : Afiya Zia  (Karachi)

Representative in India: Shamita Basu Ph.D ( Kolkata), Seema Sherkhawat Ph.D

Representative in Yemen: Anita Kassem (Institut des Sciences Po, Paris)

Representative in Canada:  Dr. Ellen Judd, FRSC (University of Manitoba): area of expertise: China.

Representative in Mexico: Dr. Martha Areli Ramirez Sanchez (University of Manchester, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City)

Representative in Kurdistan: Zubeida Seyd

Representative for Armenia:  Dr. Nona Sharhanazaryan 

If you want to join us and start a department in your country, contact us at

infoAT womeninwar.org / infoATfemaid.org

Expert committee

Sara Youtchak, Member of Honour, Montevideo, Uruguay

Dr. Gertrude Fester, University of Kigali, Rwanda

Dr Elissa Helms, Gender Studies at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary

Dr Shirley Randall, Kigali-Sidney

Dr Carol Mann, Presage/PSIA, Institut des Sciences Politiques, Paris