Women in War online seminars on Gender and Armed Conflict

Every month during the academic year, we organize online seminars (webinars) where scholars present their research on subjects related to gender issues in wars and conflict zones.  We discuss regional as well as ideological topics. Thus seminars have covered regions as different as the Great Lakes, The Caucasus, Afghanistan,  Bosnia, MENA, issues such as female combatants, anti-military resistance, gender and genocide, nationalism, and much more.

The speakers become part of our think-tank and the network extends.

Q: Sunday March 13th 2016 18h Paris time

This session will discuss the situation in Turkey and will reveal the real situation and ongoing massacres in the Kurdish regions where our speaker has just come back from. Furthermore, as an academic, she will give us the latest update on the mass censorship and oppression of intellectuals currently going on in her country
With Tebessüm Yilmaz, from Istanbul University

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Q: Sunday February 7th 2016 18h Paris time

This session will discuss the situation of female Syrian refugees in Lebanon and child marriages and the resulting at the socio-economic conflict which is opposing Syrians and Lebanese (including political) in a climate of escalating intolerance.

With Yeghia Tashjian, from AUB in Beirut, Women in War representative.

Please send us a mail at infoATwomeninwar.org and download the latest version of Skype.

Q: Sunday January 10th 2016 at 18h Paris time

Our first webinar of the year features AMBER MATHWIG of the University of North Carolina.
After 10 years in the US Navy, she has gone back to college to deconstruct her experience

The question will be: Does the fact that women are now, since 2015, allowed into combat (in the US army) signify a step towards achieving equality in military/society at large ?
This will be particularly interesting when compared what happens in groups which have admitted women in the front line since their inception, such as the FARC in Colombia and Rojava in Syrian Kurdistan

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Q: Sunday December 6th 2015 Paris time

Gender and Globalized Terror since the Paris attacks
Presented by Carol Mann

Paris time 6pm
Please send us a mail at infoATwomeninwar.org, places are limited, make sure you join us if you say you want to!

Q: Sunday May 17th 2015 at 18h Paris time

The Armenian Genocide: a Gendered Perspective
With Anna Alekseyan.

Q: Sunday April 12 2015 at 18h Paris time

Lynching a woman in a public space in Kabul with Carol Mann.

Q: Sunday March 15th 2015 18h Paris time

National Ideologies and Gender Identities in the Symbolic Contexts of Karabakh War.
With Dr. Nona Shahnazarian of the Centre for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg, Russia and University of Erevan (and representative of Women in war for Armenia).

Q: February 22, 2015, 18h Paris time

“From Comrades to Casualties: Women and Conflict in the North Caucasus.”presented by Khalida Nurmetova a current Ph.D. student studying gender issues at Freie Universität Berlin with particular experience in the Caucasus and Russia.

Q: Sunday January 25th, 20h Paris time

Exceptional and last minute Webinar  Sunday 25th June at 8pm Paris time (7pm GMT, 9pm in the Middle-East) to discuss the latest killings in Paris from a feminist perspectiveIt is entitled ‘The Pornography of Hypervirility’ presented by Carol Mann.