Feminist Art

This is an online art gallery to present feminist artists (including graphic artists) in conflict zones whose work is about human rights, especially women’s rights. You don’t have to be a woman to be feminist, a liberated man will do which is why we will include male artists. This section is continually upgraded.
Please contact us to tell us about other examples you know about: we are looking for risk-taking, militant artists living in conflict zones in order to support them – not for expatriates (as opposed to refugees) expressing themselves abroad in ways they dare not at home.

Malak Matar

Malak Matar is a 19 year old artist from Gaza who has been painting since she was 13. Her work is not illustrative,

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Gökhan Aslan

This courageous Turkish artist has presented a remarkable installation, first in Diyarbakir and in November 2015 in Istanbul’s Tüyap art show.

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Deena Mohamed

Meet Deena Mohamed’s cartoon superhero Qahera, a hijabi superhero who fights and vanquishes oppression.

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Maya Zankoul

Meet graphic designer Maya Zankoul from Lebanon who uses humour in her graphics to denounce the difficulties and daily upheavals of living in Beirut.

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Estayqazat a feminist collective from Syria who seeks to empower women as in dividual agents and confront patriarchal predjudice, especially sexuality.

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Kubra Khademi

Kubra Khademi from Afghanistan, a performance artist who walked the street of Kabul wearing a metal structure which exaggerated breasts and buttock.

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Shamsia Hassani

Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistan’s first and foremost street artist who declared: I want to colour over the bad memories of war.

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Natalya Dyu

Whilst this is not exactly a war-zone, Natalya Dyu’s work shows the result on a daily urban and flippant way post-Communist society plunged into Western-style.

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Ahmad Qatato

Meet graphic artist Ahmad Qatato from Jordan who launched “The Diary of a Muslim Girl”.

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Michèle Magema

Meet Michèle Magema from RD Congo who presents a critical view of the multi-levelled forms of exploitation and oppression in her country and much of Africa.

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Doris Salcedo

Meet the very great militant artist from Colombia Doris Salcedo who is at last getting the recognition she deserves.

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Adriana Varejao

Meet Adriana Varejao from Brazil who makes remarkable and striking statements against colonialism and its  heritage which still scars Brazil.

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Emina Kujundzic

Meet Emina Kujundzic, a Bosnian artist born in Cairo who grew up in the siege of Sarajevo

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Sitara Ibrahimova

Meet Sitara Ibrahimova from Azerbaidjan whose portent photographs and installations even show highly sensitive subjects such as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

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