Opening session / Séance d’ouverture du colloque

Dr Carol Mann, Founder-Director of Women in War, Paris
Dr Evelyne Accad, co-Director of Beit El Hanane, Beirut

Keynote Speech 1
Dr. Nawal El-Saadawi (Egypt) Founder  of  The  Arab  Women‘s  Solidarity  Association, (Egypt): War, Women  and  Revolution (in Arabic, text in English)

Keynote Speech 2:

Professor Valentine Moghadam (Northeastern University, USA)

Session on Lebanon: Women, War, and Displacement

Moderator: Dr. Evelyne Accad (University of Illinois)

– “J’ai déposé les armes”, Régine Sneifer, writer, (Lebanon)

– The Persistence of Gendered Narratives in Times of War & Displacement : Syrian Women Refugees in Lebanese Public Discourse, Adriana Qubaia, Central European University (Hungary)

– A Personal Testimony: The Lebanese War and how it scarred me, Tracy Chamoun (Lebanon)

– The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Lebanese Host Communities’ Security Perceptions Across the Country: A Gendered Angle, Lana Khattab, International Alert (UK)

Radicalism: The Many Faces of Religious Extremism

Moderator: Dr. Sami Baroudi, Lebanese American University (Lebanon)

– From Comrades to Casualties: Women, Transformation, and Conflict in the North Caucasus, Khalida Nurmetova, Freie Universität Berlin (Germany-Azerbaidjan)

On Yazidi Women, Dr llham Hammadi, (University of Saint-Joseph Beirut)

– Femmes françaises djihadistes en Syrie et en Irak: Professor Armelle Le Bras-Chopard, Université de Saint-Quentin en Yvelines (France)

Fundamentalism: Its Many Facets and Faces

Moderator: Alia Ibrahim, Al-Arabiya News (Lebanon)

– The Psychology of Terror and the active Role of Women Within it, Professor Hussain Shara, Mutah University (Jordan)

– Quelle Révolution pour les Femmes Tunisiennes: Printemps Féministe ou Hiver Islamiste, Dr Najet Limam-Tnani, Faculty of Humanities (Tunisia)

– Islamic Feminism in Iraq Nahla Al Nadawi, University of Bagdad (Iraq)

– Femmes Africaines et Fondamentalisme (Boko Haram au Nigeria, Ansar Dine et Mujao au Mali), Professor Catherine Vidrovitch, University Paris Diderot (France)

Part I. The Decentering of the Intimate Sphere

Moderator: Dr. Azza Sharara Beydoun, Lebanese University & Bahithat (Lebanon)

– Temporary Marriage in Sunni and Shia Islam: Comparative Case Studies of Iran and Egypt after the Arab Spring, Dr. Atieh Asgharzadeh, CADIS (France-Iran)

– La condition de la femme syrienne après le printemps arabe, Dr. Afraa Ismael, Tishreen University (Syria)

– Women in Libya: The Ongoing Armed Conflict, Political Instability and Radicalization, Asma Khalifa, Hacettepe University (Turkey)

– Addressing the Needs and Supporting the Roles of Widow Victims of the Conflicts in the Middle East, Dr. Margaret Owen, Widows for Peace (UK)

Part 2: Female Fighters During Armed Conflicts

Moderator: Dr. Samira Aghacy, Director, IWSAW, Lebanese American University

– The Women’s Revolution in Rojava, Meral Cicek, Kurdish Women’s Relations Office REPAK (Kurdistan/ Rojava)

– Women as Active Participants in Armed Conflict: Muslim and Non-Muslim Female Suicide Bombers, Dr. Joseph Alagha, Haigazian University (Lebanon)

– Forgotten Actors? Women-Soldiers in a Comparative Perspective (the cases from Armenian-Azerbaijani Armed Conflict for Karabakh and PKK Movement), Dr. Nona Shahnazaryan, National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan (Armenia)

Part I Displacement Through Occupation or Exile  

Moderator: Dr. Samira Aghacy, Director of IWSAW

Palestinian and Kurdish Women in Occupied Areas, Conflict or Post-Conflict Areas in Different Countries in the Middle East, Maria Hagberg, Lund University (Sweden)

-The Kurdish Women’s Movement: Challenging Gendered Militarization and the Nation-State, Meral Duzgun, University of Westminster (U.K.)

– Syrian Women and LGBTI Refugees in Istanbul: In the Middle of Legal and Structural Violence, Dr. Zeynep Kivilcim, Istanbul University (Turkey)

– Gender, Conflict and Development in Yemen, Dr. Connie Christiansen, University of Roskilde (Denmark)

Part 2:   Sexual Violence in Conflict

Moderator: Ghida Anani, Director, ABAAD-Resource Center for Gender (Lebanon)

– Gender-Based Violence: Rape as Weapon of War, Maitre Lydia Farah, AUB (Lebanon)

– I Will Teach My Daughter How She Can Defend Herself: Fighting Back Against Street Sexual Harassment and Assault in Post-Revolution Egypt, Susana Galan, Rutgers University (USA)

– Blood, Bodies, and Violence: Women’s Bodily Experiences and Symbolic Meaning in the Egyptian Arab Spring, Katherine Van Den Bogert, Utrecht University (the Netherlands)

– De la femme kamikaze au djihad du sexe: Une guerre faite sur le corps des femmes, Dr. Iqbàl Al-Gharbi, University of Zeytouna (Tunisia)

Creativity in Times of Conflict

Moderator: Emilie Mansour, Sorbonne Nouvelle (France)

– Writing for Gaza Textual (Dis)Embodiment, Dissident Creativity and Social Justice in Arab Women’s Writing, Dr. Brinda Mehta, Mills College (USA)

– Sawtuha ‘ali min Zaman: Arab Female Musicians’ Collaborative Revolution, Alejandra Aguero and Angela Williams, University of Illinois (USA)

– Representing Violence Against Women Since 2012, Dr. Miriam Cooke, Duke University (USA)

– Song and Survival for Syrian Women and Children Living as Refugees in Northern Jordan, Karen Boswall, SOAS (UK)

Not filmed but text available: Abounaddara, le cinéma pour réinventer la Syrie Chourouq Nasri, University of Mohammed I (Morocco) 

Legal Accountability, International Instruments, and Peace-Building

Moderator: Former Minister Wafa Dika Hamzeh (Lebanon)

– On Legal Accountability and Peace-Building Initiatives in Egypt, Ambassador Moushira Khattab (Egypt)

– Legal Accountability for Sexual Violence in Syria: Taking Charge of Future Prosecution, Aarif Abraham, International Legal Accountability Unit (UK)

– Violence, War and Accountability: Gendered and Sexualized Dynamics of the 2014 Israeli Assault on Gaza, Dr. Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, San Francisco State University (USA)