Aid Projects

girlsAfWomen in War has now merged with  FemAid, a humanitarian organization which has been working, with local grass-roots women’s NGOs for women and children in war zones since 1993.

The very first project was the rebuilding of the Skender Kulenovic primary school in Dobrinja, Sarajevo, inaugurated in 1998, whilst helping to maintain schooling throughout the war..

Past projects have included starting Afghanistan’s first children’s library in Farah, literacy classes , scholarships for Afghan girls, basic training for birth attendants, medical aid to orphanages in Pakistan

We conducted an agricultural commemoration project in the village of Garage Bentenye, Senegal where 100 women were given mango tree saplings to contribute to their financial independence, to commemorate the memory of a great humanist and friend who had passed away.

Recent projects include scholarships for Congolese female students at Kisangani University and Bukavu (DRC) to study gender orientated-sociology, scholarships for professional training in electricity and electronics for female students both in Kisangani and Bukavu, in Eastern Congo.

The most recent ongoing project concerns self-defense classes for school-age girls (primary and secondary) in Bukavu, East DRC, an area where rape has become a weapon of war. So far we have had 100 students and hope to expand, open two centres in two neighbourhoods in Bukavu to accommodate 600 students.

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