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Painting by Palestinian artist Malak Matar from Gaza whose work we exhibited in Paris in 2018.

Welcome to Women in War, a non-profit organization and think-tank focusing on the role of gender in armed conflict, associated with FemAid which has been engaged in grass-roots humanitarian projects in war zones since 1993.

This independent association, registered according to the French law on charities of 1901, was founded and registered in Paris in February 2008 by international feminist academics, united by their fight against the injustices of war and conflict. Based in Paris, it has a branch in Beirut.

It is the academic offshoot of a humanitarian association Best price for cymbalta 60 mg which has been working in war zones since 2000, especially in Afghanistan, Pakistan and DR.Congo, on health and education projects.

In 2015 we became think-tank, setting up a network of feminist scholars working on issues related to Conflict and Gender. Our specialists work in all parts of the globe.

At the same time, our  highly popular Facebook page Women in War posts at least 5 news articles a day on the subject of gender and armed conflict. There is a French version on FB Genre et Conflits Armé

We view academic research not as an end in itself but as a means to change the conventional thinking of gender roles  during wars and conflict, through study of past and present, learning  from grass-roots experiences and organizations in order to further progressive change towards women’s rights, especially for post-war reconstruction. Conflict, as intersecting with gender, is understood here in the widest sense: the battle field, the war zone during and after any conflict, protracted war through sanctions, ongoing territorial, political, ethnic tensions, ill-conceived peace treaties, failed tribunals,  belligerent propaganda through the media and education in increasingly militarized societies worldwide. Not forgetting long term victims: those who have been permanently wounded, those who have been raped,  bereaved, widows, widowers, orphans, parents  who have lost children, carers and transgenerational trauma. To this needs to be added environmental damage as a direct consequence of war and increasing poverty caused by an economy based on profit for investors and not on growth  which particularly affect women  and the future of children.

So far all these fields have been subjects of independent study, including by notable feminist scholars and activists. Here, for the first time, we bring them together,  encouraging the new generation to work particularly on the subject of Gender and Armed Conflict, as a field in its own right.

This means:

– Encouraging and organizing conferences, seminar, publications and research on gender and armed conflict bringing together sociologists, anthropologists, historians, activists, psychologists, specialists in human rights and aid and witnesses in conflict zones.

– Collecting and recording women’s experiences during war and strife

– Organizing webinars

– Organizing  conferences on gender and war in conflict zones  since  2014  The first was aptly held in Sarajevo, the second in Beirut the third in Yerevan, the fourth in Odessa and future ones to be announced.

– Participating in conferences and international meetings

Putting in place health and education humanitarian projects with women’s grass-roots associations

– Organizing art shows such as two exhibitions in 2018 in the Paris region of Palestinian artists from Gaza: Malak Matar and Leila Kassab.

Which means working with:

– Universities worldwide, especially in war and conflict zones

– National and International aid organizations

– Women’s organizations in war and conflict zones

Any benefits  go to our humanitarian  projects

Please join us on our Facebook page  on  the Women in War page on Facebook:
Atorvastatin buy in uk

And follow us on Twitter: Buy metformin weight loss

Media about Women in War:

Buy amoxicillin clavulanate online (WIBG, Women in and Beyond the Global)

Article on Vox Feminae, a Croatian feminist website; Carol Mann, Generic sildenafil online uk by Ana Rajkovic 4/5/2015.